7 Key Questions To Ask Your Preferred Wedding Venue

Are you planning a wedding? Well, move a little closer! In this article I share 7 Key Questions To Ask A Wedding Venue before you sign on that dotted line. So if you’re planning your wedding or know someone who is getting wed soon, grab a cuppa and dive in!

1. How many events are allowed on-site per day?

Or in one weekend?  Ideally, you’ll want yours to be the only event being held at that venue that day, as having other events happening can result in less set-up time, limited venue access, crowded bathrooms and confusion for your guests. If you’re not guaranteed to be the only event that day, find out how much it’ll cost to process a complete buyout, and also inquire about how the staff handle having multiple events on the same day.

2. Who’s responsible for what damages?

You’ll want to confirm that the venue has liability insurance. A key question to get an answer to is: Do we have to accept full responsibility even for accidents on the day that aren’t entirely our fault?

3. Does security come with the venue?

If you or your client is considering inviting a lot of people or guests with sensitive positions, it is important that good security is provided with the venue.

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4. How much do we have to pay now?

Ask how much of a deposit is required and when it’s due. Also confirm what happens if you change your mind. Is the deposit payment refundable? Do you get a full refund? Is there a sliding scale?

5. Can you bring your own vendors?

Or do you have to use vendors from the venue’s preferred or exclusive vendor list? Tip: If the venue doesn’t require you to use their vendors, ask if there are any they highly recommend. A vendor who is familiar with the venue will already know the challenges of the space, which will make planning and production much easier for you.

6. What restrictions are there?

Are there any decoration guidelines or restrictions? Is the stylist allowed to hang or attach anything on the walls? Is there a ladder onsite? Are we allowed to redecorate and move things around or do we have to leave things as they are? Are pyros, rigging, etc. allowed onsite?

7. Who is responsible for tear down?

Will the venue’s staff be involved in setting up and breaking down the decor? Tip: A venue like a hotel or resort will usually have staff available to help arrange and set the tables and help pack up any rented glassware and crockery at the end of the event. Be sure to confirm exactly what the venue’s staff will be handling so you can pass that information on to your stylist and other key vendors.

I hope you found value in this. If you did, please share it with someone who needs to see it too.

Have a brilliant week ahead and stay topped up!

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