The 3 Most Commonly Forgotten Wedding Details.

When you’re focused on planning a big event such as a wedding, it is often easy to forget the little details that make all the difference. In this article, I share 3 essential smaller wedding planning details that are mostly forgotten, but can make all the difference to your big day. If you are planning your wedding, I hope you find this helpful. And if you know someone who’s planning their own wedding, be sure to share this with them.

1. Cash & ID Cards.

Most hotels will ask to see some form of identification before they check you into your hotel room. They may also ask to see a credit or debit card, and will require a cash deposit should your cards fail. However, if you’re working with a wedding planner who’s well known at the hotel, they’ll most likely be able to check in on your behalf.

2. An Emergency Kit.

Your wedding planner will already have an emergency kit available for use throughout your wedding day. However, if you’re planning your own wedding, it is important to put together a wedding day emergency kit you can reach for in the event of an emergency. Your kit should include a first aid box and a sewing kit. Also consider including extras like pain killers, face masks, sanitizers, eye drops, blotting tissues, lip gloss, mints, etc.

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3. A Music Planner.

Have you ever been to a wedding where the DJ appeared to know exactly what songs to play at what time? There’s a 99% chance he’s working with a list that the wedding planner has created. If you are planning your own wedding, remember to curate a music planner for your DJ with your preferred songs for the bridal procession, recession, first dance and any other highlights.

4. Your Wedding Vendors.

I did say 3 commonly forgotten wedding details, but this point is equally important: please remember to feed your wedding vendors. Your vendors can easily spend 8 – 12 hours working on your wedding day and [though you are under no obligation to feed wedding vendors] as a wedding planner, my top recommendation will be to do so. YES, all vendors like to think they’re pros and will deliver as promised; but if your photographer has gone 8 hours without a meal, he won’t even be able to see you clearly. Be a nice person and treat people well. They’ll remember it.

If you are getting married soon, many congratulations! I hope you find value in this; and if there are other topics you would like me to cover in the future, please feel more than welcome to suggest them below. Have an incredible week and stay topped up!

Your Event Planning BFF,


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